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Fence Gate Barrier | Boom Barrier Gate | Road Barrier Gate

The Fence Gate Barrier is a durable, efficient solution designed for secure vehicle access control in various settings. Crafted from high-strength materials, it offers robust resistance against physical impacts, ensuring long-term reliability. Its sleek design is easily integrated into existing landscapes, providing both security and aesthetic appeal. The system is equipped with advanced safety features, including automatic stop and reverse mechanisms upon detecting obstacles, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. It supports various access control technologies, from manual keys to sophisticated electronic systems, offering flexibility to meet diverse requirements.

Parking Gate With Charging Station | ev Charging Station | Parking Gate

The Parking Gate With Charging Station combines an efficient EV charging solution with a reliable parking management system. Designed to provide electric vehicle drivers with a convenient and secure parking and charging solution, this device optimizes parking spaces while promoting eco-friendly transportation. Integrating rapid charging capabilities with precise access control, it’s an ideal upgrade for commercial areas, office buildings, and residential complexes, supporting sustainability goals. By minimizing the footprint required for separate installations, it enhances both functionality and environmental responsibility.

Parking Barrier Gate A Model Green

The Parking Barrier Gate is an advanced parking solution that controls access to individual parking spaces using license plate recognition technology to raise and lower the barrier arm. This type of barrier has a unique display screen prompt, and can be equipped with a pole light. The pole light can flash continuously, and the arrow indicator can remind the driver in real time whether to pass, which can better reflect the human side, and the green style is novel.

DC Brushless Road Gate Blue

The DC Brushless Road Gate is engineered with a high-efficiency DC brushless motor, ensuring a smooth, rapid, and quiet operation ideal for managing vehicle access in parking areas. Its design is sleek, durable, and adaptable to various environments, offering seamless integration with modern parking management systems. The gate supports multiple access control options, including RFID, remote control, and manual operation, providing a flexible solution to meet diverse security needs. It’s a reliable, low-maintenance option for efficient vehicle flow management.

DC Brushless Fence Road Gate Green

The DC Brushless Fence Road Gate, engineered for precision and reliability, features a high-efficiency DC brushless motor that ensures smooth, quiet operation. Its durable fence-style barrier effectively manages vehicle access while enhancing aesthetic appeal. Integrated with smart sensors, it supports automatic, safe opening and closing, compatible with RFID, remote, and manual controls. Ideal for various environments, it combines security with operational excellence.

DC Brushless Advertising Road Gates Blue

Composed of a chassis and a bar, it is a combination of traditional barriers and modern advertising equipment. Mainly commercial streets along the main roads, parking lots, residential quarters, squares, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, stations, expressways, toll stations and other traffic fortresses.

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Our company specializes in intelligent parking lot equipment, mainly engaged in: VIP parking barriers, charging barriers integrated machine, DC brushless straight bar barriers, fence barriers, advertising barriers, etc., has its own sheet metal production workshop, is an installation , maintenance, research and development, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises.

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